Friday, August 12, 2011

Back from the dead

This blog has been dead for over a year now. I shouldn't let that happen, but spare time is a rare thing for me, and it's filled with freelance work doing things I'm not passionate about. But, I get to contribute to a group effort at my awesome day job which reminds me that despite the path I chose to take in animation (which I love,) I am still an artist at heart. I'm glad I've been reminded of this through the bi-weekly exercises we take part in. I'm usually the last person to submit an image, and almost always wait until the last bloody minute to do it, but when I get to it, I get lost in it and don't want to stop. I love that. It's what set me on this path in the first place, and I can't forget that.

I have so much to learn, and there's no excuse for me not taking my artistic ability further. I need to do Life Drawing, I need regular artistic exercise and I need to get more serious about improving. I'll just leave these here for now. I'll be posting more soon.

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